Exposing Hope 2017 | Heather Simmons

“When I hear the word hope I immediately think - I hope this never comes back!  Hope also means trust, and I trust in God to take me along whatever path  because he will bring me through it.”

Exposing Hope captured a moment early in Heather Simmons’ journey of survivorship.  She admitted the anxious feelings about the next chapter in her life.  Moreover, exposing Heather’s hope comes with a list of thoughts to include hopes that her daughter never gets breast cancer, hopes to live for many years to watch her daughter grow and become a woman, and hopes that her family never has to have anyone else go through the stages of treatment.  

Breast cancer has changed Heather forever but she shared that it isn’t all bad.  She has a new outlook on life and she thinks about the important things in life.  She’s beyond thankful for a second chance.

Heather is a two-month survivor.

Exposing Hope 2017 | Freda Mitchell

“Hope means to shoot for the moon and if I should fall, I will land among the stars.”

From the beginning, Freda Mitchell’s hope was strong belief in her survivorship. As her hope progressed so did she. Freda optimistically shared that breast cancer was truly the hardest experience she has had to over come; however, her cancer was a blessing in disguise. Freda and her body endured the unimaginable, but she learned how to meditate and recognize herself in indescribable ways.

Now, Freda is confidently living her life just as she was before her diagnosis. She explained that her sister, caregiver, best friend and herself even created a corporation. Freda described her future as bright, like the Hope Diamond.

Recently, Freda has had the ultimate opportunity to celebrate being a two-years cancer free. 

Exposing Hope 2017 | Edith Beasley

“Hope is faith holding out its hand in the darkness.  Hope is the spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears.  I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.  I do not know what plans God has for the rest of my life, but I do know that wherever He takes me He will go there with me.  That is what “Hope” means to me.”

Shortly after Edith Beasley’s retirement, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was not surprising to Edith because she previously lost three sisters to breast cancer and another sister was going through treatment again. 

During Edith’s diagnosis, she experienced a feeling of calmness in the treatment room with her physician and husband.  Her greatest concern was her husband and other loved ones that would be affected by her diagnosis.  She knew she had to be strong.  

Edith, a twenty-year survivor, hopes that being cancer free has made her more humble and grateful for each day.  Edith is now more aware of those suffering from cancer and extends her compassion towards families who were not as lucky as hers.

Exposing Hope 2017 | Doris Tanger

“[Hope is] no more cancer.”

Doris Tanger shared that being a survivor has allowed her to help others with cancer.  Doris has and continues to be philanthropic through financially supporting and giving of her time- a most valuable resource.  Without a doubt, Doris has fulfilled a life overflowing with hope. 

Doris is a forty-seven year survivor.