Exposing Hope 2017 | Percy Ann Edmundson

“[Hope is] how much Jesus Christ means to me and all the special things and people that have affected my life.”

Percy Ann Edmundson, a four-time survivor, shares that she has learned to be thankful for every day as well as her family and friends.

Exposing Hope 2017 | N'Kosi Campbell

“Hope to me means believing that anything and everything is possible.  It means regardless of the situation, there is always a way.  There is always an ending that we can affect and control.”

N’Kosi Campbell’s journey with breast cancer affords him the opportunity to view things differently.  He shared that life can be hectic, busy, painful, happy, loving, lonely, stressful and troublesome.  He continues that no matter the feelings of the moment or day, it’s a day that he’s living.  N’Kosi is beyond grateful and embraces how blessed he is to have another day to live.  He says it best, “Life is a range of emotions and adventures and we need to embrace them all”. 

N’Kosi is a three-year survivor.

Exposing Hope 2017 | Matilda Kirby-Smith

“[Hope is] living life with joy and compassion.”

Matilda Kirby-Smith shared that her diagnosis was a complete shock. Shortly after her diagnosis, Matilda felt guilty for spending the past thirty years in front of a computer while neglecting her health. 

Now, every morning, Matilda decides what exercise she will accomplish and completes it within the hour.