Exposing Hope 2017 | Vicki Harris

“Hope is faith; knowing that God is in control and will guide my way.  Hope is strength.  Hope is faith.  Hope is God.”

Two-time breast cancer survivor, Vicki Harris shares that her experience amplified her life, values and direction.  Her first diagnosis was at 43 and she endured lumpectomy, radiation and chemo which were to assure a 98% chance of no recurrence.  At 59, a new cancer therapy was discovered through a mammogram.  Vicki openly shared that a double mastectomy, reconstruction, chemotherapy and lifelong medications were reminders that she can do everything with God’s help.

Breast cancer led Vicki to evaluate her life, relationships and work balance.  Vicki shared that her diagnosis was a reminder of who is in charge and who she must rely on.  She demonstrates that she controls her attitude and faith; however, other aspects of the journey were out of her control such as her hair loss and her body changes.

Breast cancer has had a profound impact on Vicki.  She admitted that “she embraces the brown ribbon of denial” that cancer has overtaken her life. Vicki is the same person she was before breast cancer with her energy, positive attitude and love of life.  These are all key and constant factors in her life.

Exposing Hope 2017 | Sondra Freeman

Hope is “Faith is the substance of things HOPED for the evidence of things not seen.” [Hebrews 11:1]

Sondra Freeman is a woman of very strong faith which has notably helped her throughout her journey.  Sondra shared that her faith in Jesus Christ, His healing power and a loving, supportive family to surround her with love, prayer and encouragement was everything she needed to get through her breast cancer journey.  As a minister’s wife, Sondra received many calls for prayer requests during her treatment.  Although she had prayer requests of her own, she was devoted to supporting those who also needed prayer and encouragement.

Sondra, a seven-year survivor, feels one of the best things in life is that she is still able to hug her family every day.

Exposing Hope 2017 | Simone Liebling

“My optimism and lust for life will help me overcome an illness.”

Simone Liebling, an eleven-year survivor, lives life to the fullest every day and was lucky to return to her active life immediately after her treatment.

Exposing Hope 2017 | Shelia Fairbanks

“[Hope is] always expecting and having confidence that whatever the situation it will always turn out for my good and I will be a better person.”

Shelia Fairbanks was first diagnosed in February of 1997.  Unfortunately, her cancer has returned three times throughout the years.

However, that has not stopped her from seeing the beauty in every day.  Shelia appreciates all the blessings life offers.