“Hope is looking forward to more possibilities, more options and to greater things to create.”

Martha Kaley’s life plan changed direction with her breast cancer diagnosis.  Her journey led her to create a non-profit organization to generate funds for biological research to identify a better method to detect breast cancer.  She shared a story about Matilda, her guardian angel, who told her “You have been given a chance to be here, now what are you going to do with it?”  Martha believes that she was given a gift, clarity of purpose, through her experience with breast cancer.  She was given this gift and never looked back.

Hope, by definition, means to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true.  Martha’s non-profit, Earlier.org strongly states that “HOPE ALONE IS NOT THE STRATEGY! HOPE requires action.”  

Martha’s dedication to an earlier biological test inspires many, heightens awareness and brings the breast cancer community together.  Her convictions are boundless and powerful, “Science is telling us what to do by giving us so many more possibilities, so many more options, and so many more things to create.  However, we must act!  We must embrace the possibilities, visualize the options, and take ownership of things that can be created.  HOPE ALONE IS NOT THE STRATEGY! ACTION SOLIDIFIES HOPE.”  

Martha’s chocolate lab, Sherlock, helped discover her breast cancer 25 years ago.