earlier.org – Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test® is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for research looking to seek & identify earlier detection methods for breast cancer. Since its inception in 1995, Friends has awarded over $5 million in seed grants to qualifying projects across the globe. We continue to offer several grants to be used for pilot projects in the area of early breast cancer detection. We award up to $50,000 (effective beginning with the 2025 grant cycle) over a 1-3 year period.

On a rolling basis, we accept applications for pilot projects that focus on new methods to improve detection of early breast cancer and are especially interested in the development of new techniques in the areas of biological or immunologic methods of early detection. It is our hope that pilot projects will provide preliminary data that leads to applications for more substantial peer-reviewed funding.

Applications are accepted from both established investigators who have funding but want to embark on research in a new area, as well as those less experienced. In either case, the proposal should represent a new approach to the area of interest.

Early detection is crucial in taking care of those with breast cancer. Ideally, we would be able to identify those who are at higher risk for cancer (before they get cancer).  Currently in science, there are ways we can reduce risk and follow patients more closely.  Grants that would attempt to identify patients who are at high risk for breast cancer or attempting to prevent breast cancer will also be considered in meeting the mission of the organization. This would be earlier than earlier!

Funds will not be awarded to enhance ongoing research unless it is clear that a new line of inquiry is being explored.

We welcome both domestic & international research proposals. Each proposal is carefully reviewed and considered by our Medical Advisory Board comprised of doctors, oncologists and surgeons from some of the most elite medical institutions in the United States.


Please note that Earlier.org - Friends For an Earlier Breast Cancer Test® is unable to provide funding for the following:

  • Travel expenses
  • Publication costs greater than $500 USD
  • Indirect institution expenses
  • Tuition stipends for graduate students
  • Private industries or corporations