“In my most difficult days, hope is the only thing that kept me going.”

When Addy Jeffrey, a remarkable survivor, entered the studio this summer it was immediately obvious that she is also doing her part in Exposing Hope.  Addy’s breast cancer was obscured on a mammogram due to her dense breast tissue.  Her determination led her to secure the support of the City of Greensboro’s Commission on the Status of Women.  With their help, Addy successfully advocated for the passage of the North Carolina Breast Density Notification Law in 2014.  Now women receive a letter with breast density information as a result of Addy’s determination.  Her commitment to enact a law requiring the information is transparent.  It is now in effect in 30 states across the country.  

Breast cancer may have impacted Addy; however, she’s impacting so many with her work.  

Addy is a six-year survivor.