Hope is the chance to try more, be more and do more.  Hope is that there is something  to strive for “right now” and “that’s not all”.

Ann’s breast cancer journey began on February 6, 2013 and she applauds Dr. Richard Cornella for her early diagnosis of Stage 1 breast cancer.  Ann is grateful to the attention she received by Dr. Cornella and Solis Mammography.  In addition, Ann had two dear friends that supported her:  Theresa, also a survivor and Reuben, her big orange cat, both provided comfort and encouragement.  Reuben had never slept on her bed throughout the night unil the night before her surgery.  He slept next to her for a week post-surgery and returned to her bedside again the night before her second surgery.  Ann confessed that she has no idea how Reuben knew she needed him, but he did.

Ann believes that being a survivor has made her more aware of making a difference. Likewise, she said if you have a bucket list, “get on with it!” 

Ann is a four-year survivor.