“When I hear the word hope I immediately think – I hope this never comes back!  Hope also means trust, and I trust in God to take me along whatever path  because he will bring me through it.”

Exposing Hope captured a moment early in Heather Simmons’ journey of survivorship.  She admitted the anxious feelings about the next chapter in her life.  Moreover, exposing Heather’s hope comes with a list of thoughts to include hopes that her daughter never gets breast cancer, hopes to live for many years to watch her daughter grow and become a woman, and hopes that her family never has to have anyone else go through the stages of treatment.  

Breast cancer has changed Heather forever but she shared that it isn’t all bad.  She has a new outlook on life and she thinks about the important things in life.  She’s beyond thankful for a second chance.

Heather is a two-month survivor.