“When I hear the word hope, I think most immediately and profoundly of family and friends.  I had a rich core of support with my son, and my sisters, and ever present friends who surrounded me throughout my treatment.  I can’t remember ever NOT having hope, having come from a family with a belief system grounded in the strength of the human spirit.”

Jane Matteson shared that her humor and hope very well might have been her “sword and buckler”.  She found herself surrounded by family, friends and a community that constantly provided love and support.  She recalls so many who embraced her journey from her family, friends, familiar faces at CVS and Harris Teeter.  Some of her strongest support came from a very special gentleman, Dr. Gus Magrinat.  Jane wholeheartedly expressed that “Dr. Gus was a talisman of hope for all my family and continues to be!”  Jane recognized that returning the sense of hope to others who cared for her as well, as those she met along the way, was important.  

Life has impacted Jane in a profound way.  Meaningful communication with family and friends, enjoying nature and taking time to watch the sun set are experiences she values more now.  She’s also found that listening to and truly hearing others, especially those who share a particular experience in life has become important.

Jane is a three year survivor.