“Hope means something to look forward to.  Having a goal and trying to reach that goal.  It is something money can not buy, but love, strength and perseverance can.  It’s when something you want happens to you or someone you care about, and that something brings about a positive change in that person’s life.  Hope has a positive outcome on our life.”

Janice Rogers shared that she has always been a contributor to finding a cure for breast cancer.  After her diagnosis, her drive to find an earlier test became personal.  She believes that cancer is such an ugly word, and it robs an individual of who they once were.  However it could never take away how a person feels, loves, and praises God. 

Janice thanks God every day for giving her the strength to move forward and for the insight to forget the little things that don’t matter.  When Janice is faced with a life challenge she prays to ask God to get her through. 

She recognizes just how lucky she is to call herself a four-year survivor.