“[Hope is] our security in God alone.”

During Laura Lomax’s treatment, she received a great deal of support which she described as a supernatural kind of hope.  Although cancer frightened her, she had confidence that God would assure her security. 

Laura ultimately shared two important things that impacted her life during treatment.  First, her journey impacted her faith into something deep and immovable.  Her family, friends, and God ministered to her through her time of need.  Secondly, her experience brought attention and clarity to her priorities.  Laura began to adjust her work and home balance to give her patients the utmost care and spend the most time she could with her family. 

A month after Laura’s last radiation treatment, she began dating her amazing husband Phil.  They have been married for ten years.

Laura, a thirteen-year survivor, shared that there’s no need to spend time on unimportant problems when you realize life is finite.