“Hope is like a warm, bright light that shines & guides you through each day.  You can’t have hope without faith.”

Exposing Hope through Lynette Olifer, it became clear that there are some powerful numbers in her story.  One.  Six.  and Eleven.  

One.  Lynette shared that there’s one very important relationship to which she attributes her hope, stamina and the success of her treatment.  The one she refers to is her relationship with God.  It’s transparent in knowing her story that her faith grew stronger and she re-prioritized her relationship with God.   Today, her faith today is very strong and continues to strengthen.  

Six.  Lynette shared that it was not a surprise when she was the sixth person in her family to be diagnosed with breast cancer.  Prior to her diagnosis, her mother and four aunts were diagnosed with breast cancer which elevated her chances.

Eleven.  A strong eleven years and counting as a survivor of breast cancer.  The history of breast cancer in Lynette’s family, including her own diagnosis, has motivated her to do what she can to find an earlier test.  

She doesn’t want anyone, especially her daughter, to be concerned about being diagnosed with this disease.